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Kamala Saranya . R Asst.Product Manager

One word. WoW, This course gave me a very strategic perspective and helped me make sense of the jargons. Valuable, Engaging and Accurate. Go For it.

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Raveena Karjodkar Software Developer

At this price point it’s a steal. I really like the personalized approach here. Very knowledgeable instructor and innovative canvases that help

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Sistemas Caffenio Trainee

I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised by the new perspective. Course has very valuable information, clear explanations and engaging delivery

We Drive for Balance in Product Design.

Great Product leverage scientific creating.

Successful Product maintain equilibrium between company vision and market need.

product design balance, Product Management

Product Leaders put customer empathy at forefront of every decision in every discipline.

Being empathetic is not an after thought rather the driving force for building products, features, interfaces and capabilities customers need.

Product Management

Product Excellence perfectly blends science and art

Empathetic Leaders iteratively converge vision with Need

Effective Roadmaps prioritize alleviating customer pain

Continuous Discovery delivers 10x Gain

Only Efficient Teams Design Lean Solutions


Product Success, Product Management


Product Management

Strategic Product Management and Leadership

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Personalised Learning ExperienceFlexible Timings



Personalised Problem SolvingFlexible Timings



Tipping Point Canvas

In any organization the deciding stakeholder wishes to accomplish certain strategic goals.


Problem Hypothesis Canvas

Your job is to deeply understand the problem that your product aims to solve then chase the moving goal of solving every nuance of that problem - Rohini Vibha


Beachhead Prospect Canvas

Velocity and Volume of Paying customers decide the survival of the product. Easier said than done.


Empathetic Pitch Canvas

Tipping Point, Problem Hypothesis and Beachhead Prospect Canvas helped us understand why ? what ? and Who ? of the underlying opportunity.


"A" Talent Canvas

"You don’t build the business. You build people and then people build the business" - Zig Ziglar.

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