What investors are looking for? 


Ideas are Cheap, Execution is everything said a wise man. Investors know this. Investors of all shapes and size are keen to avoid the shallow fishers and go deep.


You have to be able to identify and establish why would someone buy it, when will they buy it, How the purchase will change their lives.


Investors are looking for potential and that is not about opportunity, TAM, Market Share. It is about how deeply you grasp customer context, cause they care about, concept your building and how is this different.


Nothing more. Nothing less. At the end of the day business success is a really a function of people influence.

Product Management

Amplify your Skills



16 hour Program

Shared Learning Experience

Summarised for Speed



  • Emotional Intelligence & Design thinking
  • Jobs to be Done & Problem Hypothesis
  • ,Prospect Persona Design & Story telling
  • Business Model Design 
  • Solution and Product Development


30 Hour Program

Personalised Learning Experience

Flexible Timings

Academic + Experiential 


  • Workshop ++
  • Hands on Activity Completion
  • Product Success Index Assessment
  • Customer Segmentation & Positioning
  • Detailed and Comprehensive 


10 hour Consulting

Personalised Problem Solving

Flexible Timings



  • Clients can choose from any of the 100+ disciplines 
  • Free Product Success Index Assessment 



Digital Product leadership


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