Tipping PointProblem Hypothesis and Beachhead Prospect Canvas helped us understand why ? what ? and Who ? of the underlying opportunity. With the empathetic pitch canvas we are trying to form the story that will be resonate with the company and customer.Discrepancies in job outcomes have failed the strategic goals the decider set out to accomplish. Looking at the root causes, one realizes that deficient outcomes were caused by a broad range of inefficiencies. Analysis of our prospect lead to the understanding that our beachhead prospects can grasp the blatant ones causing much pain. 


Our primary goal with the empathetic pitch is to build a resonant narrative. We start with the quantification of pain in terms of business losses. We then delve upon the shared belief / hunch that is motivating us. Next purpose helps us elaborate the shared transformation we seek as partners in this journey.Things we aspire are different from the realities on the ground due to ecosystem factors. What is feasible to be achieved is very different from the purpose with which we set out for. Resistance is palpable as customers struggle with the past habits, learnings and experiences of transformation.


Change is hard. Old habits seldom die. We need to look at enablers that will incrementally reduce the friction to adoption. Next Step is to uncover the priorities within what is feasible in order to demonstrate a tangible gain. Primary Product. Cake. A promise is a construction of the minimum guarantee, a shared statement of work that will be met. Next step is to look into what is unique or different. Anything proprietary that is built in order to go over and beyond the promise and create considerable value for the customer. Secondar Product or icing on the cake.Pitch is simple a construction of gains that eradicate pain, promises that fulfill the purpose plus value that overcomes vanity. 

Digital product Leadership, Empathetic Pitch Canvas

Empathetic Pitch Canvas

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Tipping Point Canvas

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Problem Hypothesis Canvas, Digital product Leadership

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Beachhead Prospect Canvas
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