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Mohammed Abubucker

Experienced Manager, Passionate Teacher and Coach

Mohammed is a Product Leadership facilitator. A believer, practioner and propagator of Design thinking with a mission to accelerate digital product success by systemizing empathy.

A very experienced Software Solution Architect with expertise in turn project management working for multi billion dollar consulting firms like Accenture, Alcatel-Lucent and Wipro to name a few.

Experience designer and User Need Discovery strategist. Belives that Disruption is a continum and Innovation culture is a outcome of bringing together thought leaders in multiple disciplines through facilitated interactions.

Conducting research in service design, consulting in business strategy & organization transformation, facilitating pragmatic design thinking, developing methodologies of working (process design) and experience management in systems design.

He has worked internationally and collaborated in many design initiatives in India, USA, Singapore. Experience Product Leadership Consultant in Dubai where he is helping startups and SME’s get over the innovation barrier through his boutique consulting firm.

His vision is to make all product teams excellent by imbibing design thinking in their daily routine and an objective to help product leaders build b2b SaaS unicorns.