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mcoach’s Product Management Course is a spark that initiates lifelong learning for professionals with a deep desire to excel at building SaaS products. We found our best students to work on the job in a time bound manner.

We have also witnessed them spending 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 hours a week depending on their roles to ace their Game.

We don’t expect you to have a strong technical or business background. However, we are very particular that you have some professional work exposure interacting with a lot of people.

Our classes are on demand, personalized and structured to offer you contextual and Just in Time insights to help further your ambition of building products customers love.

While we can locate at any of Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Toronto or London! We have chosen to be near you in Dubai and leverage online channel to interact with you.

This is not your traditional lecture class. We will look into your challenges trying to excel at building digital products and offer you a lot of practical choices for you to experiment.

Mentors who have been there and done that will work with you based on a meta process that will give you clarity, confidence and conviction to deliver knockout innovations.

Essentially, We help you be “Present” and “think” as you make product choices. If you have ever wanted to be a disrupter like UBER, Amazon, Salesforce, Zoho, Google, Airbnb and struggled to grasp the discipline that made them successful then we have something worth your time.

The Mission ImPossible
impossible, Product Management

Who am I ?

What drives me ?

  • The Good, Bad and Ugly – Mastery of Self
  • Good Will Hunting – Reflections on Today
  • The Ultimate Legacy – My Vision for a Perfect Future

In this section, we will debrief and get to the bottom of what drives you and your organization systematically.

We will study the base, the bias, the hope, the fear, the obvious, the hidden, the fire, the insight, the idea so far.

We will challenge ourselves to build a human product worth selling.


  1. Recollect a life instance you are really proud of
  2. Share some of the hard lessons learnt in your life
  3. Give your unique perspective on business and technology
  4. Contrast your communication effectiveness of 1, 2 & 3

Why do this ?

People buy from other people they like. This exercise is to bring out a dramatic story of ourselves to begin with.

Mission, Vision and Objectives we care about going forward.

Stories resonate with people. As entrepreneurs we have to learn to dramatize our own life story to begin with.

The Treasure Hunt – Part I

The Lucky Innovator

The Lucky Innovator, product management

It’s the People Stupid

  • Wheat and Shaft – The Innovator’s Conundrum
  • Crossing the Chasm – The Change Manifesto
  • Labyrinth – Reflections on People Psychology

In this section, we will study what is the current situation of product innovation. The challenges we face and the traps that are in front of us as we pursue the journey. We will aso study how we can innovate with the end in mind. A basic introduction to the human system and how it manifests itself in any endeavor. We will discuss how having a good grasp of people will give you an edge with your pursuit.


  1. Discuss with 3 innovative startups the pre and post contract challenges
  2. Elaborate your experiences working with difficult people

Why do this ?

“When you lose everything you want you will find the only thing you need ” goes a saying. A product customers love would ideally focus on relieving a persistent pain in their Life. Helping them recognize their pain and encouraging them to consume a pain killer is no easy job. Successful innovators are those that overcome the hidden forces of the mind resisting change.

The Treasure Hunt – Part II

The Art of Influence

Product Management Course Syllabus

Thoughtful Innovation Framework

  • Predictably Irrational – What drives the Buyer ?
  • The Adaptive Journey – Continuous Need Discovery
  • Beauty and the Beast – Applied Design Thinking

We will elaborate further the human condition and discuss the most important things in our pursuit of commercially viable creation. We will extend that to understand and rationalize human behavior in acquiring new things and their motivation to do so using B J Fogg’s model. We will review various options available to foster product innovation and why building a digital product is different. We will detail a simple framework to handle the chaotic process of building an empathetic solution and further introduce you to a simple Design Thinking model to take the journey forward.


  • Purchase Debrief Interview with a Friend
  • What conscious and unconscious inhibitions you had to be overcome ?

Why do this ?

“Thinking is difficult that’s why most people judge ” said a wise man. Assumption driven decisions is the bane plaguing creators, creation and the ecosystem. A market is nothing but a large group of people. Getting to know them and their situations will help us build desirable products. Furthermore keeping up creation of digital products requires mastery over a many disciplines through efficient trial and error.

The Treasure Hunt – Part III

Ingredients for Sustainable Innovation

Innovation, Product Management

Buyer Journey and the Tipping Point

  • A Few Good Men – Study of Product Management and Leadership
  • Moneyball – Study of Jobs to be Done
  • The Deep Sea – Unearthing the Painful Experiences

In this section, we will give a primer into Product ecosystem, its impact and distinguish leadership from management. we will detail the concept of Jobs to be done and provide you with tools to uncover Jobs of your prospective customers. Our goal is to uncover the triggers that will initiate the “purchase behavior”. We will deep dive into the identifying the causes of those painful experiences and consolidate that into a Problem Hypothesis that will help us determine the right problem.


  • Taking the Product Innovation Assessment
  • Purchase Debrief Interview with a Friend
  • What conscious and unconscious inhibitions you had to be overcome ?

Why do this ?

“… Great Leaders are Thinkers and Doers said a wise man. Today, we have a dearth of people who can balance both thinking and doing. They should be comfortable in both modes. It’s easier said than done. Any small disparity in the balance will lead to a squandered opportunity. Best products first and foremost meet an urgent need of customers and then work hard to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.”.

The Treasure Hunt – Part IV

Picking Problems Prudently

Problems, product management

Beachhead and Ideal Customer Profile

  • The Fight Club – Forming the Problem Hypothesis
  • The Frontline – Everything about Decision Making Unit (DMU)
  • A Beautiful Mind – Unearthing Personas

In this section, we will elaborate experience, jobs into problems worth solving. We will provide an overview of the Decision Making Unit (DMU) and its composition. We will help you understand the challenges accessing this decision making unit and help you realize the usage of Personas to help you visualize an archetype of different members of the decision making unit. We will help you go beyond and think about a persona for your product.


  • Developing first iteration of Idea Canvas
  • Developing first iteration of Value Proposition Canvas
  • Developing first iteration of Buyer and User Persona

Why do this ?

“Sell the Problem you Solve not the Product ” goes a saying. The truth is there is no “one” problem. There are too many interweaving problems that create the bad experiences. Uncovering all those problems is important. Furthermore, being conscious of the capability and selecting the right problem you can solve for the right audience 10x better is crucial.

The Treasure Hunt – Part V

Big Picture Transformation Narratives

Transformation, Product Management

Elements of Market Positioning

  • Finding Nemo – How to Resonate with Audience
  • The Epiphany – Discovering our Purpose
  • Inception – Attracting and Retaining Mindshare

In this section, we will begin our journey to tell a compelling story. We will get to know in depth our place in the world and weave together a narrative to dominate that space. Furthermore, we will explore those elements that will provide us the ability to attract audience, retain and create a unique place for ourselves. We will also look at getting the best value for marketing investments.


  • Building the Product Persona
  • Building our Transformative Narrative
  • Filling up the Market Positioning Canvas

Why do this ?

“…manipulate what’s already in the mind and retie the connections ” said Al Ries, the Marketing Guru. You can only disrupt what’s existing. If the prospective audience doesn’t have familiarity with our offering, it will be a long slow cycle to death. It’s critical to find a paying customer who is waiting for our solution immediately with an effective pitch.

The Treasure Hunt – Part VI

Storytelling Secrets for Dummies

storytelling, Product Management

Inspire with the Empathetic Pitch

  • Start with Why ? – Focus on Belief, Purpose and Emotions
  • Pitch Perfect – Overcoming Resistance to Change
  • Impossible to Inevitable – The Elevator Pitch

In this section, we will begin our journey to tell a compelling story. We will get to know in depth our place in the world and weave together a narrative to overcome every inhibition possible. Furthermore, we will explore those elements that will provide us the ability to attract audience, talent, investors and influencers in a systematic way.


  • Building the Empathetic Pitch
  • Building the Elevator Pitch

Why do this ?

“The way you shape your story affects not just you but future generations ” said a wise man. A product if successful leaves a legacy and enables a lot of people to benefit from visionary efficiencies. The Challenge every entrepreneur faces is not selling the solution but selling the story so that a movement, a cult can be carved out of it.

The Treasure Hunt – Part VII

Competitive Capability Assessment

Capability, Product Management

High Performance Talent

  • The Beachhead – Go to Market Strategy
  • The Terminator – Understanding Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Impossible to Inevitable – A Winning Team

In this section, we will start exploring Go To Market. We will study the existing market suppliers and understand how we can differentiate purposefully and create a market niche within the larger pool of audience. We then explore the team and talent required to materialize the vision drafted throughout the program.


  • Implementing Blue Ocean Canvas
  • Finding your Niche and Go to Options
  • Building the “A Players” Canvas

Why do this ?

“What you have done is nothing compared to what you can Do ” said Grant Cadone of the 10x Rule. It’s easier said than done. 2 things need to be mastered before you can further the story. What is currently available ? What capabilities do we need to assemble ? This will determine the cost benefit of taking on this new initiative to bring progress in people’s life.

The Treasure

The Solution BluePrint

BluePrint, Product Management

A Viable Business Model

  • The Matrix – The Customer Technology Landscape
  • The Hard Thing about Hard Things – Solution Components and Capabilities
  • Delivering Happiness – Business Model Hypothesis

In this section, we will make efforts to visualize the target technology landscape of our customers. Perform complete due diligence of the Solution leveraging all that we have learned so far and employ all these learnings to build our Business Model Hypothesis which we believe to be optimal and playing to our strengths.


  • Converting Jobs into User Stories and Features
  • Studying Risks, Assumptions, Scope, Schedule, Effort and Cost
  • Building your Business Model

Why do this ?

“the devil is in the details makes a great deal of difference ” said Joseph Biden, former VP USA. You can only disrupt and sustain that provided there is comprehensive idea of why, how and what will be built. If entrepreneurial product leaders wish to see a tangible outcome they need a well thought out Business Model Hypothesis. Mind you all this we have done to gain internal clarity. We have a lot of do in terms of customer validation, development, conversion and retention.

Product Management Course Syllabus

Product Management Course Syllabus

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