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Whether new to product management or a seasoned veteran, there are always times you need some inspiration from those who understand what you do.

If you have been struggling to find great online communities, then it’s time for you to check out these ten Slack groups for Product Managers.With its generous free plans, Slack is a hugely popular workplace communication platform. 

What you might not know is even if your company doesn’t use Slack you can still get access to all sorts of useful Slack communities.  

These online communities have become powerful resources for people to share common interests, discuss ideas and support each other.

The field of Product Management moves quickly and, if you don’t have the time to stay on top of the latest advances, then Slack communities can be a helpful shortcut. 

With thousands of Slack communities out there it can be time-consuming to find the most welcoming and valuable communities.

We’ve done the hard work for you and found Ten of the best product management Slack communities for 2019.

Some of these are specifically focused on product management whilst others are broader but also very relevant for PM’s To join any of the listed communities (and we hope you do), just click the group name to launch their “Join Us” page.

Some groups redirect ask you some membership questions before adding you to the community.

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Join the Product Community

Connect, chat, and learn from the world’s largest Slack product community with thousands of product people around the world.

Hundreds of conversations happen daily in channels like #pminterviews, #pmjobs, #pmresources, #newtopm, #design, #uxresearch, #ama, #events, #bookclub +50 more…

In a few days, you’ll meet more product people in this community than you can in a life-time.

Learn Product from the Best

Our community members hail from over 600+ of the world’s best startups and companies including Google, Facebook, Netflix, LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack, Snapchat, Airbnb, Pinterest, etc…

Whether you’re new to the industry or an experienced industry veteran, you’re going to learn so much about product from ongoing conversations that your mind will f’ing explode.

Fun Fact: Intuit thought their PMs were learning so much from the community that the company onboarded their entire global 200+ product management organization into the community and continue to onboard all incoming PM cohorts.

Product Management Slack Group 2019

It’s been almost three years since we launched the Slack community. 

I’m very proud to see all the PM mock interviews completed, connections made, and most importantly, PM offers won!Here’s what some participants have said about the PM interview community:This community and Lewis Lin is the best.

Just heard back from Uber, it’s a yes! 🙏 I had interviewed there twice before over the years, but it wasn’t until I encountered Lewis, his materials, and this community that I was finally able to crack it.

Hi Lewis, I wanted to say thanks for putting together the books and community for PM prep. It’s been extremely helpful to me and many others.

You’ve created a super awesome community, especially the Slack channel. It is the best Slack channel out there! Thanks for all your contributions to the PM community!

Thanks a lot @lewislin for publishing the books and creating this community. This helped me get an offer.

Your book, Decode & Conquer, has been immensely helpful for me understanding “product speak”, since my professional background is actually in Sales & Marketing.

I hope you’re having a great Labor Day weekend! I’m spending most of my time off practicing for my Facebook rPM interview in about two weeks.

Thank you for creating an amazing community on Slack as well to practice mock interviewing!Hi Lewis. Firstly I want to thank you for creating such an awesome platform for learning for product manager community.

While browsing the content of your books on Amazon i was really amazed and really became your die heart fan. It is such awesome content.

For people like me who were struggling to find the right content and direction in this domain you have given us a clear direction.

Thanks a lot!

Product Management Slack Group 2019

The PMA.LA Slack community is a great place to engage with Product Managers from the LA and Southern California area. 

If you’re not familiar with Slack, think of it as a message board.

You can post questions or topics for discussion, and other group members can add their comments.  

Join us and be part of the conversation!

Community Guidelines

Please be a good community citizen and observe the following rules.  

We reserve the right to remove you from the group if these rules are not observed.

i. No-Spam Zone

Please do not use the forum to announce your products or blog posts. The purpose of our Slack channel is to foster community connections and conversation, not a marketing channel.

ii. Respect and tolerance

Please avoid snarky or personally offensive commentary. We encourage lively debate and discussion,provided the conversation remains positive and constructive. We do not want anyone to feel intimidated or discouraged from participating.

iii. Jobs on the Job Board

Please feel free to post job openings on our (free) Jobs board, and avoid posting them into the community Slack channel.

product school, product management

Product School as an education company has a large number of members and active channel discussions.

It’s one of the most active communities for Product Managers. Almost every day there are postings, and people are interactive in sharing their knowledge and expertise.

They have an Ask Me Anything (#AMA) channel to get your questions answered by other product managers. One of the cool things about Product School is that they invite Senior Product Managers from large companies such as Walmart.

Their #help-and-advice is one of the active channels you can join. If you need some reviews on your product prototype, join the #feedback channel for some recommendations. Or, you can share your experiences in their #best_practices channel.

You may also want to check the location-specific channels and see if there’s one available in your locality. You can also keep track of the activities in the #events postings.

If you want to increase your professional network, then share your profile in their #linkedin channel. And, who knows their #hiring channel would be to your advantage in the future.

If you are planning to enroll or currently enrolled in a Product Management course, then you can leverage learning with the Product School community.

Product Management Slack Group 2019

Mind the Product is an international product community. The community started with the ProductTank in 2010.

If you are interested in meetups and conferences, you can join their #producttank and #mtpcon channels for the schedules and updates.

If you need a second opinion or a debate on a solution, post your product ideas in their #feedback channel. Sometimes, picking up other people’s mind is the best way to create a great product. Also, if you want a venue to tell people about your product launching then post in the #launch channel.

With the actively engaged members, learn as much as you can with the #freshcontent latest blogs and articles. You can also harness your mentoring skill in the #pmmentoringl. Other notable channels are #monetization, #media-pm, #localization, and #tools. Actually, With 200+ channels, you have access to different product discussions to your liking.

The Mind the Product community is for you if you are into organized conferences, and wants a wide range different channels.

Mind the Product is a Slack group from the same people behind the popular blogand conference. There’s always a great discussion going on—get comments on your product in the #feedback channel, find meetups in #producttank, and discover new stuff to read in #reading-list.

Writers will appreciate the #freshcontent channel, meant for promoting and sharing your latest posts. There’s also a chat room specifically for the MtP conference; if you’re planning on going, hanging out in here is an awesome way to connect with other attendees in advance.

The Product Coalition, Product Management

The Product Coalition is a small community of product practitioners but with notable engagement from its members. Jay Stansell of the manages this community.

The slack group has 17 channels with well-defined purposes. The #book-club purpose is for book reviews and suggestions, and those who want to share blogs and articles must post them in #our-articles. 

Job postings are on the #looking-for-talent channel, but if you want to know some of the job opportunities, #looking-for-roles is the right channel to join.

For experts opinion, join the #request-advice channel. You can also use the #promotions for your product launching. For meetups, check the activities in #events channel. If you are into financial technology, you can share your ideas and knowledge in their #fintech channel.

If you want a community with fewer channels but with engaged members, then The Product Coalition is for you.

Product Management Slack Group 2019

The Startup Study Group (SSG) community are for startupers. With 1000+ channels, this slack group almost has anything you need as a Product Manager.

However, you need to have the patience in browsing through all the channels and join those in your interest. For sure, you want to join the #app_prototyping and the #hackathons channels. If you want product feedback, you can post in the #productreviews.

If you are a startup founder acting as the Product Manager, SSG is one of the best slack communities for you. You can pick the brains of the Silicon Valley people by joining their channel.

Take advantage in learning the latest and updates in technologies like machine learning and cryptocurrencies. Almost all problem domains have channels from education to financial solutions. All you have to do is join and start the conversation.

LUANCH, product management

Launch is a community for entrepreneurs, designers, developers and product makers. The community aims to collaborate, discuss new products, get feedback or even link co-founders.

As a Product Manager, you might be interested in joining five (5) out of the six channels they have: #design, #hiring, #marketing, #launch, and #technology.

Launch has a large following with 16k+ membership and still growing. If you want fewer channels with active members engagement and collaboration, then Launch is the right community for you.

It can give insights on business and technology, which are both vital in product management.

The Product Hive, product management

The Product Hive started as a local initiative in Utah. The Product Hive provides low-cost lectures, workshops and other educational events for Product Management professionals.

Their slack group aims to help each other learn, contribute, and connect a community of product managers, strategists, and designers.

Even with small number in their membership, most of their channels are highly engaged. Be sure to join their  #design-review and #product_management. Don’t also miss the #tools and #ux discussions. And, learn more from their  #podcasts.

If you want to level up your Product Management skills and knowledge, then be part of the Product Hive.


The People Geek is a slack community managed by Culture Amp, a company that powers other companies to focus on their culture.

Their Slack community focuses on sharing company culture and people. As a Product Manager, you already know the importance of working with people across your company.

Take advantage of the people management ideas in #articles, #inspirations, and #people_analytics. Join #technicalrecruiting to share your challenges in hiring technical people. Also, this community permits you to brag in their #humblebrag channel.

Once a week, you are entitled to promote your company, products, blogs, and others that you want the community to know. Well, not all communities tolerate bragging.Join this community and be a people geek. This community is helpful especially if you are a startup owner acting as the Product Manager.

The sharing of ideas would help you focus on the culture of your company, and understanding people’s behavior would give you more insights into your product design. You are creating a product for the people, and you are developing it with people.

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