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Product Management


Product Management Training for all aspirants transitioning into the most in-demand role as a product manager. We will be discussing on topics as below.

  • Foundations of Product Management.
  • A framework of Product Discovery.
  • The process of Product Definition.
  • Essentials of Product Delivery.

we will discuss all the strategic concepts that will shape your attitude and mindset.

What is a product?

Very few things unite us as global citizens. Unhappiness tops the list. We humans believe that the route to contentment, comfort, satiety, warmth, peace, and happiness passes through right choices, decisions, and experiences.

According to psychologists, Seeking new, making progress, getting recognized are self-therapies we seek to overcome inabilities and discontentment.

Why do we Build Product?

World is filled with only 2 kinds of people. Proactives and Reactives.

Reactives are those who care because they need to.

Proactives are those who care because they want to.

As a customer, you are defined by the need. It’s ok to be reactive.

Digital Product leadership


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