In any organization the deciding stakeholder wishes to accomplish certain strategic goals. Jobs are designed to achieve those goals in mind to ascertain few expected outcomes. Select tools are identified to accelerate the process and complete the jobs. Users or functionaries are then chosen to orchestrate the tasks that will together complete the Jobs. From the users point of view, while the larger picture provides context, they are incentivized by the tactical goals.


Tools are the link and communication medium between the decider and the users. As long as environment drivers are unchanged, these tools actual outcome will be closer to expected outcome. Any shift in macro or micro drivers will introduce inefficiencies delivering inconsistent actuals.


These discrepancies create negative experiences for the stakeholders. A moment of shift is crystallized when overwhelming bad experiences lead to a tipping point that triggers a change sentiment.

Tipping Point Canvas

Tipping Point Canvas

Last updated Sep. 1, 2018


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