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Very few things unite us as global citizens. Unhappiness tops the list. We humans believe that the route to contentment, comfort, satiety, warmth, peace, and happiness passes through right choices, decisions, and experiences.


According to psychologists, Seeking new, making progress, getting recognized are self-therapies we seek to overcome inabilities and discontentment.


Are you wondering “Why are we talking psychology?” 


A product is a tool to connect human beings and facilitate progress in their lives. An approach to broad base capability and democratize outcomes. 


It is an intermediary between the people who create it and the people who consume it. So, as a product leader, you need to be concerned about human emotions, insecurities as much if not more about the shipping of features.


Product Management

Product Management Course for all aspirants transitioning into the most in-demand role as a product manager. We will be discussing on topics as below.

  • Foundations of Product Management.
  • A framework of Product Discovery.
  • The process of Product Definition.
  • Essentials of Product Delivery.

we will discuss all the strategic concepts that will shape your attitude and mindset.

Foundations of Product Management

A product is a mechanism to transfer visionary efficiencies to other people and help them overcome constraints impeding progress. 

A product is a bundle of distinct experiences a customer would like to ideally have in a specific context as they go about with their lives.

There are many ways for an organization to flourish. 

You can be a very successful company by being product obsessed, competitor obsessed, technology-obsessed, business model obsessed and market-obsessed.

World is filled with only 2 kinds of people.  

Proactives and Reactives. Reactives are those who care because they need to.  

Proactives are those who care because they want to. 

A Product Manager is a key role in a company. Some industry leaders also refer to them as the CEO of the product.  

They are accountable for building the right product and delivering the product right. For both effectiveness and efficiency.

Day in the life of a Product Manager entails many things depending on the growth of organization.  

You might be managing existing product or portfolio, You might be working to improve revenue via an optimal pricing strategy. 

As a master facilitator, product manager brings together ideas from various stakeholders and disciplines.  

possess the capability to Bring together customers, partners to pursue a shared objective Works backwards from impact to the product epics, stories and features review technical and marketing content for relevance to the audience.

As a general manager of the product, he is expected to empower team members by  

Attends learning and networking events with the single purpose to improve customers lives by grasping their reality, constraints and experiences

Influencer, Decider, Buyers and Users are types of customers. Typical questions of product managers are  

How long and often should i commit to grasping customer needs?

What ratio of effort should go into researching the different types? 

A Product Manager holds forte as the voice of the customer. Unbiased advocate of the customer needs based on different types of User Research. 

Leverages insights from Qualitative, Quantitative and Behavioral methods to grasp customer context. 

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